Top 3 Shoes For Boot Camps, Outdoor Training and Group Workouts

By Patton Gleason

You. Yes, you.  It’s time to get outside.  Forget your good intentions of running or working out everyday by yourself.  One of the best ways to find community and accountability is to join a group.  In addition to finding a bunch of other people who enjoy sweating it out, you’ll make friends while getting in shape.

Boot camp style workouts typically offer running, body weight exercises and a really good time. We’ll help you find the perfect outdoor training shoe to crush your next workout.

When looking for the best shoe for these kinds of workouts, keep an eye out for these features:

  • Durability:  If you use your shoes correctly, you’ll get them broken in very quickly.  You’ll be running, jumping, crawling and lifting. Opt for quality and get a shoe that will last.
  • Light Tread:  Save the really aggressive tread for trails that feature mud and lots of roots.  For an outdoor group workout, go with a tread pattern that is designed for the trails but not so aggressive that you can’t comfortably run on the road.  
  • Level:  Be sure to check the difference between the height of the foam under the heel and the height of the foam under the forefoot (most manufacturers make this info available).  When those two numbers are the same, the shoe has a zero drop meaning it’s perfectly level. Stick with shoes that have a 0mm to 8mm stack height difference.
  • Generous Toe Box:  Free your toes and your soul will follow.  You should be able to wiggle all of your toes and have about a ½ inch between your longest toe and the end of your shoe.  Your feet will swell over the course of a workout or run, a generous toe box ensures you have maximum comfort from start to finish.

Altra Superior 3.5

It’s light, level and super durable.  The Altra Superior 3.0 features a generous foot shaped toe box and well-gripping sole, without being too much for a quick run on the road. This off road shoe is perfect for the trails, burpees and whatever your workout will throw at you.

Buying Tips:  Great deals and limited sizes on the older model, the Superior 3.0

Inov8 Roclite 290

This super light and flexible shoe is bombproof without being burdensome.  Featuring an 8mm heel to toe drop and weighing a lightweight 1 lb 4 oz, this shoe is the ultimate combo of responsiveness and durability.  Inov8 has been making some of the most underrated training shoes for decades. You’ll find excellent value in the Roclite 290.

Buying Tips:  This is a closeout model.  When you find one in your size at a price you can stand, make the purchase.  

New Balance T10V1 Minimus Trail Running Shoe

The one that started it all.  The New Balance Minimus was one of the first shoes to prove that outdoor durability did not have to sacrifice comfort or feel like a boot. It is loaded with features including a Vibram sole, lightweight foam and a 4mm heel to toe drop.  

The Minimus also makes  a great second shoe for those a little weary of going all in on a lightweight shoe.  If you’re not quite ready to tackle an hour long workout, use the New Balance Minimus on your easy or recovery days to build up foot strength.

Buying Tips: The New Balance Minimus MT10 runs small, best to buy a half size bigger than your normal running shoe.

See the shoes: 

Altra Superior 3.5

Inov8 Roclite 290

New Balance T10V1 Minimus Trail Running Shoe