3 Ways To Find Super Deals On Gear

By Patton Gleason
The only thing better than finding that perfect piece of gear for your next adventure is finding that gear on a deal!  Here's our top 3 tips for finding the gear you want at the best possible value.
  1. Be Patient - To find the best deals you must be patient.  Everything goes on sale....everything.  There is a price to pay for getting what you want, when you want it.  Do your research, set your budget and wait. Holidays are great goal to be patient for. Once you've identified the perfect piece of gear, then get out the calendar, if there is a holiday coming up you are in luck. If the Post Office is closed, you can expect a great deal.  
  2. Warehouse Deals - Everything from running shoes to active clothing, to coolers is made better than ever before.  With the advent of online shopping, many businesses face huge amounts of returns. 99% of these returns are in excellent condition with damage only to the box or slight wear on the gear. Look on Amazon and other websites for "Open Box"  options; the gear you want is in great condition. If the website has another option at a lower price, but you are not sure what it means look in their FAQ or ask their support to clarify. 
  3. Buy Last Year's Model - We may have made a website around this concept, but we can't stress it enough. Just because the Manufacturer has a new marketing campaign and all the websites are talking about the new one, the previous model is still out there. The new model may only make marginal changes or just have a new paint job look into both and see if paying the extra money is worth it too you.