Running with Music, Audio Books, or Podcasts on a budget.

By Adam Glymph

Running is fun… Sometimes. Running and listening to music or an audio book is fun 99% of the time; the other 1%, you cramp and no amount of Electronic Dance Music can save you. When running outside or at gym, headphones are essential to keeping personal space and not annoying those around you. Here are three pieces of audio gear, and a few tricks, to add some variety to your runs.

1) Panasonic RP-HJE125-A
These headphones have been around for awhile, but continue to be one of the best valued headphones around. No frills, just audio. The sound quality is not the deepest sound profile, but they work well for running. These lasted me about half a year of continuous use before dying; your usage time will vary. I wasn’t upset when they broke because of the deal they were at.


Trick 1: These are not running earbuds so the earbuds will pop out. To fix this, I run the cable over my ear, instead of under, to create the hook found on running earbuds. The weight is now supported on the cable and not the ear bud itself.

2) Skull Candy Jib Wireless
Wireless is not a must have, but these come in cheap and are really good quality. These are sweat proof and easy to wipe off after hot days. The ear pieces come in a variety of sizes that mold well to ears. The sound is loud and has plenty of bass to keep the blood flowing.

The down side of the Skull Candy Jib Wireless is the battery that hangs in the middle of the cable. It swings around and is happy to pull out your earbuds. To fix this, I put the battery in a hat or headband. I ran the battery in the hat’s adjustment strap and pulled it tight. The battery is secured and the weight is put onto the hat. Running earbuds put the battery at the ear to prevent the battery from swinging. If you are looking for some running headphones at a great price, then check out non-name brand headphones; the first search page for “running wireless earbuds” on Amazon is full of them. I chose the Skull Candy here because it is more name brand, higher sound quality, and illustrates how you can make simple adjustments to make it work.


Trick 2: Buy unpopular colors. The least popular colors of headphones tend to be cheaper than the popular ones.

3) Your Phone
A modern phone is capable of playing music from Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube. You don’t need to go out and grab a new Ipod or mp3 player to get what you want. The cheapest way to run with your phone is to just carry it. If carrying your phone is annoying, you could run with a runner’s belt. A runner’s belt is kind of like a fanny pack, but a lot smaller. It is stretchy and can carry your phone, keys, and some cash. This is great because the phone’s weight is centered on your body and will not interfere with your running form.